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Welcome to Coach Tamplin's 8th Grade US History Class.

 I am looking forward to this year and everything that goes with it.

    We will proceed at a quick pace and assessments will sometimes be weekly. Parents can know the date of tests by conversing with your child or by viewing the calendar. Students will be given a review sheet before each test. It is highly recommended that the student take their review sheet home to study.

     I will cover grading procedures with the students in class. In summary, classroom work is due at an assigned time and late work may be accepted, but with point penalties. If an assignment is due on a certain day, it is due at the beginning of class. Most of the homework that your child will have consists of preparation for tests. A student who is absent will have ample opportunity to make up work that is missed without point penalties. It is the student’s responsibility, however, to meet with me concerning missed work. Your student will have an online textbook to use and the Exploros website. Anything and everything on here will help your student in my class. You will find both of these in the Resources page. I hope that you find the site helpful.


I am looking forward to teaching US History. I am married to Mrs. Tamplin, who is also a teacher. We have two children. One son, Wade and our daughter is named Maddie. I graduated from Stephen F. Austin State University in 2014 and have been teaching at HMS since 2015. I hope you find this site helpful.