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Counseling Topics and Groups

Middle School can be a time of change and challenges for many students. Between learning time management, how to balance their social life, school work, and extra curricular activities often times kiddos become stressed. Positive coping skills also allow students to tackle new and challenging experiences in a healthy way. Learning positive coping skills early in life is a great way to get a head start in the journey of becoming a healthy functioning adult.
With technology use only increasing in our ever changing society, we must teach our students how to navigate the world wide web properly and safely. With a few tips and tricks students will be able to use technology for a positive avenue for innovation and responsible use.The presentation that I use can be found at this link.
Do you know the difference between "bullying" and "being unkind"? Many do not, and continue to use the terminology incorrectly. Bullying is always unkind, but not all unkindness is bullying. By increasing awareness, and actively working against this behavior, HMS wants to end create a safe place for students. Let's work together to end both: unkindness AND bullying.  
As our students progress in school, stress and standardized tests are just a few of the things they will have to deal with from day to day. Learning to manage those things in a positive way are tools that are needed to ensure good mental and physical health. 

ADAC Partnership
During the 2019-2020 school year, HMS has partnered with the Alcohol Drug Abuse Counsel of East Texas to deliver various lessons. These lessons were delivered in a classroom setting and typically followed by an activity.  
The topics that were covered: 
  • Vaping and Juuling & their Dangers 
  • The Importance of Being Unique
  • Four Steps to Accomplishing Your Dreams
  • Handling your Anger and Emotions
  • Tobacco Prevention and Awareness
Small Groups 
Throughout the year at HMS I strive to have various small groups in hopes of reaching as many students as possible. Although attendance is not required, many of our students have really enjoyed the time that is spent with their peers talking about particular topics. 
Some of the topics covered are listed below: 
  • Friendship and Self Esteem 
  • Dealing with Divorce 
  • Career Awareness and Readiness (8th grade)
Individual Activities 
The use of Activities in a counseling session has given the students a different way to learn about themselves, and gives them a token to take with them when they leave my office. This gives them a chance to reflect later, and remember the topics and skills we discussed during our session. Not all of the activities are listed below, but a few are listed with a live link.
Classroom Challenges
On Tuesdays our RUSH classes charge their class with a character challenge for the week. This is an opportunity for the students to learn about good character and have a chance to be rewarded for their good acts. If a student completes the challenge their name goes in a drawing for the chance to receive a prize at the end of the 6 weeks.